Delaware Riverkeeper Alert: Columbia Gas Transmission

Columbia’s Eastside Fracked Pipeline is under review for wetlands and stream impacts. Write a letter to tell them PA wetlands and streams need to be protected from proposed gas pipelines. More time is needed for public comment and review.

Columbia Gas Transmission (Columbia) proposes to construct two new pipelines to carry radioactive fracked methane gas from Marcellus shale to other markets that would cut across areas of the Delaware River Basin. Currently, Columbia’s application for a Chapter 105 Water and Wetlands Obstruction Permit is out for public comment and under PADEP review.

The pipeline as proposed would cut a new 300 foot swath across 9.5 miles of Chester County’s Piedmont region in PA to construct a 26-inch diameter pipeline (there is a second loop also proposed in Gloucester County, NJ). The Eastside Expansion pipeline would extend from the Eagle Compressor Station in West Vincent Township to the Downingtown Compressor Station in West Bradford Township, PA, disturbing over 128 acres of land and water along its path. The linear project is proposed to cross 38 wetlands and 55 water bodies. This means there is potential for tremendous damage and tree clearing. Many streams to be impacted are designated High Quality-Trout Stocked Fisheries. Pickering and Brandywine Creek, both of which feed public water supplies, would also be crossed by the gas line.

Marsh Creek, Shamona Creek, and Beaver Creeks would be crossed as well. The public needs more than 30 days to review this application (700 pages long). To learn more about Columbia’s proposed pipeline, visit DRN’s on-going issues page at: and/or to sign onto a group organization letter, contact

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