Education highlights from 2014-15 Budget

Pre-kindergarten investments

PA Pre-K Counts receives an additional $10 million
Head Start receives $39.1 million
Early intervention programs for children ages 3-5 with developmental disabilities receive $237.5 million

Ready to Learn Block Grant

Half of this $200 million grant will be distributed through the former Accountability Block Grant. The remainder is allocated through a “student-focused funding formula” (a school’s current population adjusted by its relative wealth). Supplemental funding for English Language Learners and economically disadvantaged students is also included in this formula. Details at:

Special Education

Increase of $20 million to $1.05 billion. This is the first increase for Special Education in six years. This funding will be distributed to schools based on categories of support for students with disabilities. The categories were a result of the Special Education Funding Commission and outlined in SB 1316, a bill that received opposition from the charter and cyber-charter community. Per current PA Fiscal code, those funding categories will apply to traditional public schools only.

For details on 2014-15 PA Education budget, including detailed district allocations, visit:

Basic Education Funding Commission

The Basic Education Funding Commission, a result of the passage of HB 1738, held its first meeting on July 24. The meeting was brief and organizational in nature. The 15-member committee, as detailed in the legislation, consists of: From the Senate: Senator Browne, Senator Smucker, Senator Folmer, Senator Dinniman, Senator Smith, and Senator Teplitz From the House: Representative Clymer, who is retiring, designated Representative O’Neill as his representative. In addition, Representative Oberlander, Representative Vereb, Representative Roebuck, Representative Longietti, and Representative Sturla will serve on the Committee. Cabinet members: Budget Secretary Charles Zogby, Acting Secretary of Education Carolyn Dumaresq and Deputy Secretary of Education Nichole Duffy Next meeting is August 20. The commission is required, by law, to submit its report by June 2015.

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