PDE Recommends Options to Replace Keystone Exams as Graduation Requirements

Per provisions of Act 1 of 2016 (SB 880), the PA Department of Education released its report regarding high school graduation requirements. PDE recommends four options to replace the mandate for students to pass Keystone Exams:
Option 1: Achieve an identified composite score, based on the combined performance across all three Keystone exams
Option 2: Achieve equivalent score(s) in standards-based subject matter content area(s) on one of the alternate assessments approved by PDE (such as an SAT, PSAT, ACT, AP and/or IB exam)
Option 3: For students who are identified as Career and Technical Education Concentrators, demonstrate evidence of readiness for postsecondary success through National Occupancy Competency Testing Institute (NOCTI)/National Institute for Metalworking Skills (NIMS) Skills assessments or Competency Certificates
Option 4: Demonstrate competency in standards-based subject matter content through course grades or assessments plus evidence related to postsecondary plans that demonstrate readiness to meaningfully engage in those plans.

Further, the Department recommends the discontinuance of project-based assessments and the ability for schools to decide if they want to include Keystone Exam scores on student transcripts.

View full report: PDE Act 1 Report

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