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Chester County Voter Services is in need of  Judge of Election in North Coventry, Schuylkill and New Garden.   There is also need for clerks in Phoenixville.  Emergency training will be provided. Please contact  Chester County Voter Services at 610-344-6000 and request to speak with Director Forsythe – Ext. 410 if you or some you know is able to help.

Nationally Known Pollster Dr. Terry Madonna provides an overview of the  2016 Presidential Election, Weds. 10/14, 7 PM

Location: Arronson & Kohn Rooms,  Easttown Library & Information Center, 720 First Avenue, Berwyn.    There is limited seated for this event and reservations are required.  Contact: Charlene Cain at  or 610-644-0138

LWVUS Constitutional Amendment Study Consensus Meeting, October 17, 2015 

The LWV of Chester County is hosting a Consensus Meeting on Saturday, October 17, 9 AM at West Chester Borough Hall,  402 E. Gay Street.

No reservations necessary!   Join other LWVCC members for coffee, doughnuts, discussion and consensus about ways to address and support constitutional change. A downloadable study guide is available online at

In 2010, in “Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission”, the Supreme Court ruled that corporations are persons, entitled to the same protections of free speeach as people. The fruit of that decision has been the growth of Super Pacs and non-disclosing  “social welfare” non-profits, all funneling money into attempt to control elections.

In 2014, delegates at the LWVUS Convention agreed to a national study of money in elections and of circumstances that would determine support for changes in the constitution. The first part of that study addresses constitutional change, and asks for consensus on three key questions:

  1. What guidelines should be used in evaluating constitutional amendment proposals?

  2. What aspects of an Article V Constitutional Convention are important in conducting such a convention?

  3. Should the League support a constitutional amendment that will advance a League position even if there are significant problems with the actual amendment as proposed or it is being put forward by a procedural process the League would otherwise oppose?

October 21: Paper Tigers at  West Chester University Sykes Hall, 6:30 PM -9 PM

Paper Tigers is an intimate look into the lives of selected students at Lincoln High School, an alternative   school that specializes in educating traumatized youth in Walla Walla, WA.  The film examines the inspiring promise of Trauma Informed Communities – a movement that is showing great promise in healing youth struggling with the dark legacy of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACES).  A panel discussion will follow the film screening.