County Level Program


County Government: Promote responsive, efficient and accountable county government.

County Health Department: Support a full time professional health department, with continuing review of performance.

County Library System: Support high quality library services.

Magisterial District Justices: Support programs to decrease the number of incarcerations of summary offenders, including, but not limited to, a program of alternatives to incarceration for summary offenders.

Constables: Promote the use of qualified, trained, accountable constables.



Land Use: Support and study comprehensive planning that incorporates the preservation of agriculture, open space, animal habitat, natural and historic resources while promoting orderly

management of growth and development.

Solid Waste: Support adequate and safe solid waste management and disposal, including recycling and hazardous waste

Energy: Examine the stated positions of LWVUS on energy in order to relate them to current issues including local conditions.



Housing: Support measures to achieve an adequate diversified supply of and equal access to low and moderate income housing.

Juvenile Justice: Monitor shelter care established in Chester County for alleged delinquent, dependent and adjudicated youth.

Vocational Education: Support quality vocational education programs that meet the needs of students and employers.

Health Care: (Defer to National Position)

Public Access TV: Active local project under SEPR.

Criminal Justice: (Defer to State Position)

Our justice system should be fair to all and that everyone who becomes a part of the system should be treated with dignity. The system should be effective, cost efficient, and data driven. Persons should not be deprived of constitutional rights to reasonable bail or effective counsel because they are poor, because they live in a poor community or because it is politically or economically expedient. Barriers to successful reintegration into society, including damaging conditions in jails and prison, restrictions and requirements of reentrants, and legal financial obligations that realistically cannot be paid, should be minimized.