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LWVUS Constitutional Amendment Study: Join Us for LWVCC Consensus Meeting on October 17

Changing the Constitution LWVUS Constitutional Amendment Study LWVCC Consensus Meeting: Saturday October 17 9 AM West Chester Borough Hall 402 E. Gay Street Join us! No reservations necessary!   In 2010, in “Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission”, the Supreme Court ruled that corporations are persons, entitled to the same protections of free speeach as […]

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Civil Liberties Introduces NEW Campaign Finance Committee

The Massachusetts League  of Women Voters has developed a Power Point presentation on the issue of Campaign Financing .  This powerful and direct presentation allows our committee members to take our message to schools,  community and church groups and other organizations.   We are currently  seeking members who  are interested in educating the community and are  game to learn […]

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Civil Liberties Committee is looking for a few good

The Civil Liberties Committee is in need of new  members to help in its ongoing efforts to educate our membership and our communities about the issues created by the 2010 Supreme Courts’ decision on the Citizens United v. The  Federal Election Commission. This decision gave corporations the same civil rights as citizens of the United States. Corporations may now give undisclosed […]

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