Demand Funding for Voting Systems

Last week PA Senate Majority Leader Jake Corman refused to commit any money to updating Pennsylvania’s voting systems to secure, voter-verifiable, and auditable systems. As the General Assembly is currently finalizing the budget, we must act now to make sure they fund the new, secure voting machines.

Inexplicably, Sen. Corman referred to replacing our outdated, unsecured voting systems as a crisis, rejecting the idea that the General Assembly has a role to play in securing our elections.

Replacing our voting machines is not a crisis; it is a response to a very real crisis of election interference by foreign governments.

Election security experts are clear: Pennsylvania must replace its voting machines with voter-verifiable, auditable paper ballots if we want to insure that our votes are protected and that our elections are secure! 


  • Call, email, or visit your State Senator and Representative this week and tell them that you want the General Assembly to provide funds to help your county purchase or lease the new voting systems. Tell them that Pennsylvania’s election security is too important to play political games with.
  • Contact Senator Corman and tell him it is irresponsible for the General Assembly to not secure our elections.
  • Share this information with friends, family members, neighbors, colleagues at work and please post it on Facebook and Twitter.
  • Ask 3 family members or friends in other districts to reach out to their Representatives.


National Conference for State Legislatures

Brennan Center for Justice

The Blue Ribbon Commission for Pennsylvania’s Election Security

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