Pennsylvania Launches Webpages to Educate Voters on County Voting Systems


February 24, 2020

Harrisburg, PA — Secretary of State Kathy Boockvar announced today that Pennsylvania voters have a new resource to count on as they prepare to go to the polls. The Department of State has launched 67 new webpages – one for each county – where voters can learn specifics about their county’s voting system and how to use it.

“We want to make sure all voters go to the polls feeling confident and equipped with the information they need to cast their ballots on their new voter-verifiable paper ballot voting systems,” Secretary Boockvar said. “These customized websites will help ensure that all voters understand how to use the new auditable voting systems in use in their counties and give all Pennsylvania voters a clear understanding of the voting tools and options available to them.”

Each webpage includes a description of the county’s voting system along with photos and videos that guide voters through a step-by-step process of how to use the system. The webpages also include accessibility information for voters with disabilities and  contact information for county election offices if voters have additional questions.

“These new webpages are a great resource for Pennsylvania voters, and I encourage everyone in Adams County to use it,” said Angie Crouse, Director of Elections and Voter Registration for Adams County. “County election officials have been working together with staff at the Department of State since we began rolling out our new voting systems to make sure that voters are prepared when they go to the polls. These webpages are just one more tool that we can use to empower voters.”

The county webpages are part of the Department of State’s Ready to Vote 2020 initiative, which aims to educate voters about new voting systems and other voting changes ahead of the 2020 elections. Among the resources available through  Ready to Vote is a toolkit that groups and organizations can use to share reliable information about voting in Pennsylvania. The department’s website and the toolkit explain the significant voting reforms in  Act 77, including the new option to  vote by mail-in ballot.

“There are many exciting changes coming to voting in Pennsylvania this year,” Secretary Boockvar said. “The Department of State looks forward to continued strong partnerships with county officials as we work together to make voting easier, more accessible, and more secure for millions of Pennsylvanians.”

For more information on voting in Pennsylvania, visit the Department of State’s website


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