People Powered Fair Maps – Thurs., April 29, 2021



LWV Day of Action for Fair Maps!

In a democracy, the power of positive change is vested in the people. Want to see this power in action? The time is now!

Come out to Valley Forge National Historical Park at 5 pm on Thursday April 29th, when members of the Leagues of Women Voters from Montgomery, Chester and Delaware Counties will be joining forces to spotlight our democracy’s urgent need for balanced electoral representation through People Powered Fair Maps.

April 29th is the League’s “People Powered Day of Action”. On that day all over the United States, citizens will have a chance to learn about the importance of fair and representative electoral districts.  Redistricting is the process by which congressional and legislative districts are drawn to determine how communities are represented based on census data.  When the district lines are manipulated intentionally by people who wish to retain political power, it results in an anti-democratic, unfair and unbalanced representation.  This can impact election results and is called gerrymandering.

Pennsylvania’s once-a-decade re-drawing of its district maps begins this year. According to Jamie Mogil, voter service chair of the Lower Merion-Narberth League, “Pennsylvania needs to get this right for the sake of equity, inclusion, diversity and fairness. To put it as simply as possible, we need fair maps! It affects every citizen, and all citizens can exercise their power of positive change to help make it happen.”

Susan Carty, President of the Chester County LWV and former President of LWVPA, recalls “I was delighted when the Pennsylvania Supreme Court issued the 2018 order that struck down the state’s congressional district map.  They concurred with the League of Women Voters in finding that the map clearly violated the Constitution of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.”

Roberta Winters, President of the Radnor League, points out “Gerrymandering has been around since 1812, but it is time for it to end. Pennsylvania has paid the price of politicians creating voting districts to protect their power. We’ve seen competition between candidates reduced with many candidates running unopposed in general elections. This does not promote good government.”

At the April 29th event in Valley Forge Park, League members from the three counties will be on hand to share their efforts to create People Powered Fair Maps.  Special guests include Amanda Holt who will explain her role in overturning the previously gerrymandered Congressional District 7 that meandered through five counties!  Future advocacy initiatives to promote People Powered Fair Maps will also be addressed as they relate to Pennsylvania’s urgent need for fair representation.

Amanda Holt, the legislative map-maker who provided the impetus that helped end Pennsylvania’s redistricting fight following the 2010 Census, will be a featured guest at the LWV’s People Powered Fair Maps Day of Action at Valley Forge National Historical Park on April 29th. For details go to


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