Poll Workers needed!

From Chester County Voter Services:

As we draw closer to the upcoming election we are in need of poll workers all across the county. Our office is reaching out to every available individual to help staff the precincts. Below you will find a list of precincts that need assistance. The bold precincts are those that need a Judge of Election to lead them and are our primary focus.

Contact info and more information on becoming a poll worker are found on the Chester County Voter Services web pages.

Precinct Required Assistance
025 West Bradford 1 3 Full Day Clerks
033 West Bradford 5 1 Full Day Clerk
036 East Brandywine North 2 2 Full Day Clerks
038 East Brandywine South Judge of Election
056 East Caln 2 3 Full Day Clerks
060 West Caln 1 4 Full Day Clerks
061 West Caln 2 2 Full Day Clerks
110 Coatesville 4-2 Judge of Election
198 Easttown 2 1 Full Day Clerk
275 West Goshen S-1 2 Full Day Clerks
280 West Goshen S-2 2 Afternoon Clerks
385 New Garden North 2 Full Day Clerks
390 New Garden South 1 2 Full Day Clerks
391 New Garden South 2 4 Full Day Clerks
405 East Nottingham East 2 Afternoon Clerks
472 Phoenixville East 1 Judge of Election
473 Phoenixville East 2 2 Full Day Clerks
474 Phoenixville East 3 2 Full Day Clerks
479 Phoenixville West 3 2 Full Day Clerks
530 Pocopson 3 Afternoon Clerks
540 Sadsbury South 2 Full Day Clerks
675 Valley South Judge of Election
752 East Whiteland 5 Judge of Election
760 West Whiteland 2 Judge of Election
846 West Chester 5 2 Full Day Clerks
860 West Chester 7 2 Full Day Clerks

A Full Day clerk is not always required, as 2 half day clerks (morning and afternoon) can make up a full day shift. We are looking to ensure that each precinct has the proper coverage and that lines are kept at minimal levels.

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