Action Alert: SB 946- Amending the PA Sewage Facilities Act (537)

This amendment to the Sewage Facilities Planning Act (537) would remove protection, currently offered by the Clean Streams Act to HQ (High Quality) and EV (Exceptional Value) streams from septic tank pollution. LWVPA in concert with our National position supports:

  • Stringent controls to protect the quality of current drinking water supplies, including protection of watersheds for surface supplies.
  • Measures to reduce water pollution from direct point-source discharges and from indirect nonpoint sources.
  • Water resource programs and policies that reflect the interrelationships water quality, ground- water and surface water and that address the potential depletion or pollution of water supplies of recharge areas for groundwater

Contact your Senators today and tell them we expect them to protect public health and the environment for the long term into the future. VOTE NO to Amending the PA Sewage Facilities ACT 537.

Alma Forsyth, Chair  Energy/Conservation  610-388-1361

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