Agriculture Update: Next Steps

The Agriculture Update Committee completed documents for background reading on October 31; the first of those documents are now available online on the LWVUS website: Additional documents will be posted as editing and reformatting is completed.

The consensus questions were completed on November 15, and are under final review with the National Education Committee. Local leagues will be receiving consensus materials sometime before the end of the year.

Discussion about key issues surrounding agriculture continues on the national forum. All League members are encouraged to sign up to participate in forums, and can share information, ideas, and questions with other members as part of the national agriculture forum. To register, or log-in for access to forums, visit

Our own local league maintains a Facebook page, “Our Food, Our Future,” ( to share information about farming, food, the agriculture update, and any presentations in the area on this important topic.

The LWVCC Agriculture Committee will be meeting on December 14 at 10AM at Birmingham Friends Meeting House to discuss next steps for our local league involvement in the Agriculture Update process. Informational and consensus meetings will be scheduled sometime in the new year, with consensus to be completed by April 1.


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