Auditor General Charter School Report

On May 12, Auditor General Eugene DePasquale released “Pennsylvania Charter School Accountability and Transparency: Time for a Tune-Up”. The report is a result of numerous public meetings earlier this year consisting of testimony from education professionals and a variety of school district and charter representatives.

From input received at public meetings, along with audits of districts and charters, DePasquale identified two common themes:

  1. Districts and charter schools struggle to understand provisions of the 1997 charter school law.
  2. Improvements to the inconsistent and sometimes nonexistent guidelines from the commonwealth are needed.

From Auditor General DePasquale: “Many outstanding charter schools in the state are doing amazing things for children and offering new ways to learn. However, based on our audits and feedback at
meetings across the state, it’s clear that the original intention of the charter school law has not been fulfilled. We owe it to students, parents and taxpayers to re-group and make some fundamental changes to improve oversight and accountability of charter schools in Pennsylvania.”

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