Environmental Committee Report: September/October

A reminder that League members and the general public need to take timely action to encourage local, county, state and federal  officials to protect citizens rights to clean water and clean air.  Unfortunately,  Senate Bill 875, the Acid Mine Drainage as Fracking Fluid Act was signed into PA Law on October 8, 2015.

This August, the EPA proposed the first ever rules to cut methane pollution.  As Clean Water Action, reports:  “It’s a good first step, but the rules don’t go nearly far enough if we’re serious about mitigating climate change and protecting public health.  Tell the federal government and Pennsylvania that we’re fed up with unchecked pollution from the gas industry and we expect the toughest rules possible.”

Keep track of the new Chester County Landscapes Land Plan. Voice your opinion about the future development plan – potentially more economic development , which may affect Open Space, Agriculture and Historic Resources.

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