Fracking and Drilling Pollution

According to Penn Environment Director, David Masur, the 1.3 billion gallons of drilling water generated in Pennsylvania over the last few years is often laced with cancer-causing and even radioactive material.

Fracking and drilling pollution is exempt from our cornerstone national hazardous waste laws. Fracking waste is stored in open waste pits that can overflow into our waterways and our land, pumped underground for permanent storage without proper protections – and some states have used it for livestock and on roads as a deicer.

Pennsylvania’s Rep. Matthew Cartwright’s CLEANER Act will finally regulate dangerous fracking and drilling water.

Contact your Congressman: Pitts, Gerlach, or Meehan and ask if he has joined and/or will join Rep. Cartwright regulate hazardous fracking waste. The CLEANER Act would help curb the toxic waste threat, by requiring the tracking of every gallon of fracking waste from the day it’s created at the drilling site and help ensure safer disposal.

Alma Forsyth, Chair

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