President’s Message – January 2014


I hope you all had a happy and peaceful holiday season! And I sincerely hope the New Year grants you all of your wishes. My wish for the New Year is that our membership will continue to grow and that we will expand our support and educational opportunities to more residents of Chester County. I am very grateful for the supportive members we have!

Our Holiday Tea was a casualty of bad weather this year, but we plan on rescheduling and hosting a New Member Tea on March 2, 2014 (details will follow)! We are also in the throws of planning a Women’s History Month activity as well as a few other offerings for educational opportunities in the spring.

As 2013 ends, there are a number of open ended issues to keep your attention thru to the spring. I encourage you to follow them, study and take action if and when the next actions are needed.

Merit Selection of Judges is back in play with SB298. The League has held a supportive position on this issue since 1949! (requires a constitutional amendment)

Voter ID decision is still pending

Decrease in size of the General Assembly HB1234, HB1716 – both have passed. (both require a constitutional amendment)

Transportation bill passed with implications for Chester County (Bridges?? Road?? Jobs??)– also notably included was a fuel tax increase to take effect January 1st.

Parts of ACT 13 were struck down by the State Supreme Court – very significant decision protecting the rights of Municipalities.

Gov. Corbett’s Health Plan – titled Healthy PA

And…as always there will be more activities in Harrisburg to capture our minds!

The January 18th Board Meeting will be held at the Chester County Library in Exton.

The main item for discussion will be a review of the results of our Program Planning meetings held January 11th. Recommendations for LWVUS programming will be made.

A presentation by Peggy Wadsworth, Staff Development & Community Advocacy Coordinator for the Chester County Library will follow the meeting. All are Welcome!

REMEMBER: This Spring Primary is a Gubernatorial Primary. We anticipate an increase in debate/forum/panel opportunities across the state! Stay tuned for announcements……

In the meantime, keep in touch this New Year. Send us your ideas and suggestions. Let us know what is important to you. And, please consider making a small donation to our Education Fund to help us provide more frequent opportunities to support all of our members!

Susan Carty
LWVCC President

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