President’s Message – October 2014

What a story to tell those who doubt the value of their vote!

The voting statistics and surveys revealed the deep divides within that small country – those seeking Independence from the United Kingdom pitted against those opposed and fearful of the financial repercussions of separation. Believers in the election process turned out to vote. They had the right to vote and they acted on that right. The results came in and the path of Scotland’s future begins anew. Status quo?

The history books will tell the story.

September 18, 2014 will be the latest significant historical record in Scotland’s voting history, beginning with the year 1707 when Scotland joined England to form the United Kingdom of Great Britain.

Now, cross the Atlantic Ocean to Pennsylvania, November 2014 elections. Our voters will determine the future of Transportation, Public Education Funding, Taxation, Energy opportunities and Impacts, Protection of Water, Air, State Forests, etc., to name but a few. No small decision at all! No small impact! Our future and quality of life is literally in the hands of those who speak and their words in the ballot box. What story will our history books tell about us? Are we, the League, succeeding at educating the voters by helping them to see the value of their vote?

One vote really does make a difference

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