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Save Our Water is composed of concerned residents of New Garden Township, Chester County, surrounding Chester County Townships, and nearby neighborhoods in Delaware – those who are water well dependent or owners of private wells, and those who are concerned about the effect of Artesian’s proposed plan to withdraw nearly 300,000 gallons per day for commercial sale, upon the stream ecosystem in the area. The well lies in a deep valley which includes a tributary of the Broad Run Creek, part of the White Clay Creek Watershed. White Clay has been designated as a protected stream as part of the US National Wild and Scenic Rivers program.

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  1. John December 16, 2014 at 8:24 pm #

    During the meeting at the Avondale firehouse, Artesian stressed that they conducted their studies “during a drought”. While there may be a drought declared at the land surface, is that drought affecting the groundwater levels at the depth where they draw from.
    It is a common trick to wait for a drought or dry portion of the season before one runs a perk test for a septic system.
    The converse is also true. If one waits till after winter melt and spring rains, the ground water will be high and perhaps still filling, even though the surface is just beginning summer drought. When was the Artesian hydrology testing performed, at the beginning or end of a drought? And what is the hydrological delay for the groundwater to exhibit the drought?

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