Setback for Mariner East NGL Pipe – Judges Say Not Public Utility

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Two “independent” administrative law judges for the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission have dealt what could be a major blow to Sunoco Logistics’ request to have the Mariner East NGL (natural gas liquids) pipeline declared a public utility. The two judges–David Salapa and Elizabeth Barnes–handed down a decision yesterday that denies Sunoco’s request to have 18 pump and 17 value stations (in 31 locations) that would need to be built along the 300+ mile pipeline exempt from local zoning ordinances. If the pipeline is considered a public utility it would be exempt from local ordinances. Without that exemption, Sunoco Logistics faces a nearly impossible task of trying to gain permission to build the necessary new stations. Read full article

Penn Live
HARRISBURG, Pa. (AP) — Sunoco Logistics has gotten a setback to its plans to pump propane and ethane in its 300-mile Mariner East pipeline across southern Pennsylvania.

Two administrative law judges on Wednesday released a 25-page decision recommending that state utility regulators deny the company’s request to exempt buildings to shelter 18 pump stations and 17 valve control stations from local zoning ordinances in 31 locations. Read full article

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