You Can Study Pending Legislation from Home!

NO TRAVEL required for this opportunity! It may even be HABIT FORMING. You can learn about legislation sponsored by your Representatives, Senators, Congressmen at home or in Washington, just by the click of a button on your computer. You can follow your chosen legislative item by # or title and receive alerts when the status is changing. What could be easier for those of us who want to be up-to-date on our favorite issues?

How can this be done with such ease? Just tap into the following site: to begin your trip. It will be time well spent.

There is a “FREE” member section and multiple “Paid Subscription” sections. You can follow legislation in Pennsylvania or
you can follow legislation at the Federal level as well. It takes some time, but fear not! The more you click on tabs – the more you will learn.

Items we are following at this moment:

  • SB37    Electronic Voter Registration
    Status: To House State Government Committee SB543
  • Voter ID Requirements
    Status: To Senate State Government Committee SB75
  • Human Trafficking
    Status: On the Table
  • HB683* Interference with Agricultural Operations
    Status: To House Judiciary Committee (Gas well/fracking operations and/or components thereof are located on a high % of private farm land)


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