The League of Women Voters’ 100th Anniversary

The League of Women Voters’ 100th Anniversary is one of several 2020 centennial milestones that we are proudly recognizing this year.  Do you know about The Justice Bell and Women’s Equality Day?

In an effort to raise awareness for women’s suffrage, the Justice Bell went on a 5,000-mile tour in 1915, visiting all 67 Pennsylvania counties, on the bed of a modified pickup truck.  Click below and learn more details from wikipedia about Katherine Wentworth Ruschenberger and The Justice Bell; and Congresswoman Bella Abzug who introduced a resolution in 1973 to designate August 26 as Women’s Equality Day. (August 26, 1920 was the date granting American women the constitutional right to vote in the 19th Amendment.)

OUR CHESTER COUNTY LEAGUE CALL TO ACTION – Mark this 2020 Women’s Equality Day and honor the incredible women and men who advocate for the right to vote for ALL people by emailing, texting, calling and creating a Facebook post to encourage everyone that you know to register to vote, confirm their registration, apply for a mail-in ballot or find their polling place at   We are not able to meet our voters in person right now, but we can still inform and empower them in several other ways.  Stay safe, stay healthy and let’s get to work.


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