2020 Chester County Guide to Local Farm Products

Check out the 2020 Chester County Guide to Local Farm Products

As you all know, most of our events, meetings and local festivals have been cancelled for the rest of 2020, but we are still eating, cooking, gardening and enjoying a visit to the incredible Chester County farms and markets.

Every year, the Chester County Agricultural Development Council publishes an outstanding guide to the Farmer’s Markets and Outlets, products and specialty items, farmers, CSA’s, maps and much more for us to enjoy.   Let’s get out and visit some of these beautiful places and while we are there we can ask if they would be willing to display some of our voting material for their visitors.  As always, we are working to empower our voters and we need to be creative and expand our outreach in this challenging time.

Stay safe, stay healthy while we continue to help prepare our voters for November 3rd.

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