Voter Service December Report

Always an impressive and joyful occasion the November 1 Naturalization Ceremony brought 34 excited new citizens to Chester County!   Those who registered to vote at the League table came to us from Chile, Brazil, Colombia, Haiti, Mexico, Canada, Liberia, Nigeria, China and Vietnam.  Welcome All!  Many thanks to Cathy Lakoff and Christine Allen for their participation on the big day!

Many thanks also to Tom Armstrong of Exelon Generation for his company’s support of our Legislative Directory  and  to  our  own  Debra  Gallek  of  DG  Designs  for  her  support  of  the  Bookmark.   Both publications provide valuable information for all Chester County residents.

The New Year will bring surprises to many Chester County voters as they find themselves living in a new legislative district.  Redistricting and at least one announced retirement, Senator Erickson, will provide opportunities for new candidates to emerge, many of them asking for League-sponsored debates.   I think we are all going to enjoy 2014!

The perfect place to begin registering voters in the new districts is with the newly eligible 18 year olds, our high school senior.  This is truly one of our most enjoyable activities as we visit cafeterias and classrooms across the county.  I think it’s time for all of us to go back to high school!  No pop quizzes involved!

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