Voter Services February 2016


 In this important election year, the League will be doing all we can to register voters and provide them with the information they need as they go to the polls.  To those ends, we will be in touch with county high schools, retirement communities and senior centers.  We will visit the Exton Square Mall on March 12 and register new citizens following their naturalization ceremony on April 1.  We also may sponsor a candidates’ debate prior to the Special Election on April 26 for the 9th State Senatorial District.

The League is now a part of a new coalition, the Center for Community Solutions, which associates non-profit organizations and regional government with experts from West Chester University to discuss community needs.  Within this group, we will be encouraging the empowerment of women through their acceptance of leadership roles in the community and in political office.  Being a part of this group offers the League many new opportunities for action throughout Chester County.

If you are able to help, please give me a call.

Mary Lou Dondero   610-692-3299

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