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Register now for October 15th Community Rights Workshop on Environmental Activism

On Saturday October 15, please come to the Community Rights Workshop and discover, through the lens of American history, how we can confront the rigged structure of law that controls our environmental activism. This is an incredibly insightful, empowering, and coalition-building event that exposes the fundamental barriers we face when we fight for the common good — […]

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November/December Environment and Conservation Report

Protecting the Natural Resources – Clean Water and Clean Air – is the major issue globally. In Pennsylvania, the issue is for municipalities to retain their right to protect the health, welfare and safety of their citizens. The system in Pennsylvania must be corrected in order to enable municipalities to lawfully strengthen their zoning ordinances.  […]

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Penn Environment Releases ‘Dangerous and Close’ Report

The PennEnvironment Research & Policy Center released a new report today revealing the proximity of fracking operations and the associated infrastructure to Pennsylvania’s most vulnerable residents – children, seniors, and the sick. Entitled “Dangerous and Close”, the report shows that there are 166 schools and 165 childcare providers within once mile of a permitted fracking […]

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Environmental Committee Report: September/October

A reminder that League members and the general public need to take timely action to encourage local, county, state and federal  officials to protect citizens rights to clean water and clean air.  Unfortunately,  Senate Bill 875, the Acid Mine Drainage as Fracking Fluid Act was signed into PA Law on October 8, 2015. This August, the […]

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VOTE NO on House Bill 1565 and the accompanying Miller Amendment

Analysis of House Bill 1565 provided by: Clean Water Action, Delaware River Keeper Network, Sierra Club House bill 1565 stipulates the following: Riparian buffers are no longer required for special protection streams Riparian buffers are declared as optional in a series of Best Management Practices (BMP) for all streams 150 ft. vegetated riparian buffers – […]

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Pipelines Explained: How Safe are America’s 2.5 Million Miles of Pipelines?

Since 1986, pipeline accidents have killed more than 500 people, injured over 4,000, and cost nearly seven billion dollars in property damages. Using government data, ProPublica has mapped thousands of these incidents in a new interactive news application, which provides detailed information about the cause and costs of reported incidents going back nearly three decades.

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