November/December Environment and Conservation Report

Protecting the Natural Resources – Clean Water and Clean Air – is the major issue globally.

In Pennsylvania, the issue is for municipalities to retain their right to protect the health, welfare and safety of their citizens. The system in Pennsylvania must be corrected in order to enable municipalities to lawfully strengthen their zoning ordinances.  The citizens must support this effort and/ or encourage their local governments to take the necessary action.

Global efforts to protect the environment also requires that citizens must support all efforts , nationally and statewide.  Contact your Congressman and Senators, and  your PA Senators and Representatives to advise them that you are in favor of protecting the environment!

Additional issues currently being addressed:

U.S. Congress: EPA regulations to reduce carbon pollution. Tax Incentive Program to preserve our National Forests and Water Supply

Pennsylvania Legislature:  Efforts to Protect your Constitutional Right to Clean Water and Clean Air

Please contact Alma Forsyth if you have any questions or need additional information

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