Agriculture Committee Update

While work continues on the national agriculture update study, our local agriculture committee will be hosting a caucus on agriculture at the PALWV convention on the afternoon of June 8. Brian Snyder, executive director of PASA (Pennsylvania Association of Sustainable Agriculture) will be the guest speaker, presenting”Jump-start Your League Ag Study: Sustainable Foodsheds for the Future.”

Brian shares his expertise on food policy and sustainable foodsheds on his recently created blog: Write to Farm

For the future, the committee hopes to partner with area famers and local food and farming organizations in events that build dialogue and awareness about local food systems. The committee is seeking host a fall farm tour, and considering a fund-raising event highlighting local artisan wines and cheeses.

Work on agriculture issues will continue when the national study materials are made available in the fall.

In the meantime, anyone interested in helping with a farm and food event, or interested in being on an advocacy update email list should contact Carol Kuniholm.


Carol Kuniholm
Agriculture Committee Chair

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