Voter Service Update

The final weeks before the Municipal Primary brought three requests for Candidates Debates for School Boards. On May 5, the League sponsored a debate for the candidates in the West Chester Area School District.  Jennifer Levy-Tatum acted as moderator, Anne Crowley was the timer, and Pam Gray, Cheryl Knoell, Cathy Palmquist, and Ginnie Newlin acted as screeners.  On May 8, we visited Great Valley High School with Toni Keg as moderator, Joan Bergquist as time, and Michele Howard, Geri Joseph, and Barbara DeWilde as screeners.   On May 5, we visited the Fred S. Engle Middle School in the Avon Grove School District with Charlotte Gosselink as moderator, Deb Gallek as timer, and Susan Rzucidlo, Carlotta Mannheim, and Pat Horrocks as screeners.  Many thanks to all the League members who made these important events possible.

We are grateful for the Daily Local News for streaming live the West Chester Candidates Debates and for the excellent coverage of all three debates in the newspaper.  Thank you Jeremy Garrard and Brent Glasgow!

In July, we will await the court’s decision on the Voter ID law, and on August 2, we will register the new citizens following the Naturalization Ceremony.  Through August and September, we will register voters at county libraries and the Exton Square Mall.

If you would like to help with any of these events or have ideas you would like to share, please give me a call.

P.S.  We already have one debate on our fall schedule – East Fallowfield Supervisors.  If you live out that way and would like to help, please get in touch!

Mary Lou Dondero
Voter Service Committee Chair

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