Election Day Trivia and History

Only county seats had polling places in 1845. Many voters traveled overnight to have the opportunity to act upon their fundamental right to vote. Some traveled by horseback or buggy. If Election Day were on a Monday, people would not have been able leave on Sunday because that day was reserved for church. Thus…Election Day was to be held on Tuesday.

The 1st of November was not only All Saints Day, but historically it was the time for businesses to close their books for the previous month.” Congress feared that an unusually good or bad economic month might influence the vote if it were held on the 1st.” Thus….the second Tuesday of the month was reserved for Election Day.

Can you imagine voters so committed to voting that they would travel by buggy overnight? ( Remember – those voters in 1845 were also only male. )

Now, in 2013, voting challenges across the country are far more insidious to the integrity of the election process. Restrictive Voter ID requirements, voter registry purges, restrictive Absentee Ballots, limited hours of access to voting, unbridled financial contributions to campaigns, severe partisan behavior, all contributing to an “anti-voter sentiment.” Thus… Voter Apathy.

We as League members can remind voters that: Voting gives a voice to all Elections and A Silent voice is a powerless voice.

As League members all across Chester County – we can Help voters find their voice and their power. We can Bring a voter to the Polls. We can Make that Call with a reminder of Election Day.


Whatever it takes… The horseback and buggy days are over!

If we don’t try…Who will?


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