November/December 2015 President’s Message

Happy Holidays to All!

Tis the season to give.  And what valuable gifts we do give! Our time, energy and spirit are but a few of the presents we offer our community. The New Year promises to be at minimum, memorable and at best, historical, as our nation embarks on its mission to elect the next President of this country.

And we can’t forget the significant backdrop to the Federal elections, the critically important State level elections.  Who is speaking for us now, and who will speak for us in the future?  The League will most definitely be giving our gifts long after the Holiday Season has ended.

The opportunity for us to perform our role through civic engagement, voter education and continued efforts to secure the modernization of the election process in Pennsylvania is here and it is now.  History expects us to do   no less!

Rest up!  Enjoy your family and friends!  Remember what this time of year is all about.   Our freedoms, safety and Democracy are the gifts we hold most dear.

Thank you all for all that you do!



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