President’s Message – September 2013

The week of September 17th was declared Constitution Week by Congress in 1956. Later in 2005, Senator Robert C. Byrd of West Virginia, through the Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2005, added key provisions to the September week of focus on the Constitution, requiring public schools and government offices to provide educational programs promoting a better understanding of the Constitution.

The Constitution is the basis of our most fundamental rights. It has been amended 27 times in the last few hundred years. The League exists as a result of the 19th amendment. How many more amendments will be made in the future? And how will the interpretation of that document evolve in our lifetime and into the future?

The average age of the “deputies” or “delegates” to the Constitution was 44 years. The oldest was age 81, Ben Franklin and the youngest, Jonathan Dayton, was age 26. The delegates were represented by lawyers, soldiers, planters, educators, ministers, physicians, financiers, and merchants. There was much conflict between those representing small and large states. Yet, it took a little less than 100 days to draft the document. It took 72 entire years for women to be considered citizens by the Constitution.

How long would it take to accomplish either feat today? What cast of characters would rise to the occasion to put shoulder to stone for the future of our Nation? What configuration of today’s women and men would successfully work together for the future of all the people?

Fascinating to contemplate! Think of the discussions we could have?

So, consider picking up a copy of the The United States Constitution or read it online and work your way through with 21st Century eyes.

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